ow to Disable Seeding on uTorrent

How to Disable Seeding on uTorrent

If you’re a torrenting enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you have come across uTorrent.

This client is excellent for downloading and automatically uploading files from the internet to your computer, but it’s also great for seeding them as well.

The problem with seeding comes when people use their connection without having an adequate upload speed.

Anyhow, seeding with low upload rate can result in poor download speeds or even being disconnected from the swarm entirely!

In this guide, we will go over how to disable uploading on uTorrent so that you can keep your community going strong!

Is Seeding Compulsory in uTorrent & BitTorrent Client?

First of all, uTorrent is a respectable file distribution network and it works best with VPN, especially when it comes to seeding.

Some users might find seeding to be compulsory in this torrent client, but this is not the case!

Seeding is only compulsory when you have completed your download and wish to upload the file to other users.

If you are still finished downloading the file, seeding is not compulsory and you can disable upload without any issues.

Therefore, you don’t have to distribute large files if you don’t want to, especially if you’re not sure whether is your ISP tracking you torrenting activity.

How to Disable Seeding on uTorrent – Step by Step Guide

In order to start downloading via the most popular BitTorrent client, someone has to seed them using their internet speed.

That’s the way it works with Torrent apps.

In that light, think twice before you decide to automatically stop seeding any file you just downloaded.

In case you still want to do it and disable upload in BitTorrent client like uTorrent, then follow our guide.

Fortunately, it’s a simple process and if you follow the steps below, disabling seeding on uTorrent is going to be a piece of cake.

  1. Open uTorrent Client
  2. Find downloaded files that you don’t want to seed
  3. Right click on one and select ”Properties”
  4. Uncheck the box that says ”Initial Seeding”
  5. Click ”OK” and Enjoy!

Now, let’s see that in detail.

uTorrent Client

Step #1 – Open Your Torrent Client

There are three ways in which you can open uTorrent on user’s computer.

The first way is by going to the Start Menu and clicking on the BitTorrent client.

Next, the second way is by opening the program from your desktop.

The third way is by opening the program from your taskbar.

You can also open the app as an administrator if you’re experiencing problems with uTorrent freezing.

Anyhow, let’s move on and see how you can limit the upload rate in your BT client.

Step #2 – Find the Torrent File you want to stop seeding


In this step, you will need to find the file that you want to automatically stop seeding.

The first thing you’ll see when you open uTorrent is a list of downloading peers or so-called upload slots.

There, you have to search and find the file you want to stop make completely disabled for uploading.

Once you have found it, make sure that it is highlighted and then move on to the next step.

Step #3 – Right click on file and select ”Properties”

Now, right-click on the torrent file you’ve found in the last step.

In this context, you have to right-click on that file and select ”Properties”.

Clicking on such an option will open a new window with four tabs at the top.

The fourth one from left is labeled as ”Options”.

That’s what we are looking for in order to limit the upload rate in your Torrent app.

Step #4 – Uncheck the box that says ”Initial Seeding”

In this step, you will need to find a box called ”Initial Seeding”.

It is the last one on the list.

In order for you not to miss it here’s how it looks like:

uTorrent seeding

Once you have found it, make sure that your mouse pointer is on top of the box and then uncheck it.

In case you can’t find this option, don’t worry!

You can always go back to your downloading files shared by using ”Back” button in upper left corner.

After that, double click on a file to open its properties window once again and there check/uncheck ”Start seeding after reaching” box.

Step #5 – Click ”OK” and Enjoy!

Once you are done, click on the ”OK” button and that’s it!

You have successfully stopped seeding on uTorrent, or any other BitTorrent clients that require BitTorrent trackers.

Any available seeds will now be brought to minimum ratio but it won’t hurt your number of upload slots.

What Happens Now after I stop Seeding and download files?

Now, your newly downloaded file is not going to be shared with other users.

However, files are still available for download but they can’t be uploaded, no matter the torrent sites you use, especially pirate bay.

Therefore, it’s a win-win situation – you get faster speeds and no one will know that you’re downloading torrents through BitTorrent network.

Again, uTorrent is probably the most popular BitTorrent client and it works best with VPN, which encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address from anyone trying to track you down.

Therefore, maybe it’s best to use VPN when you want to receive files via BT clients.

That way, you don’t have to worry about your Internet Service Provider tracking your torrenting activity file sharing progress.

In that light, you can continue seeding on uTorrent since your VPN service provider will keep your download activity safe.

That’s why VPNs are best for torrenting – They can even increase your upload rate and improve your download.


If you want to know how not to seed torrents, then here it is.

But if you are looking for a way that will always keep your torrent seeding safe, then the best option would be to use VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Both of these providers have one prominent feature tested by third-party labs and they provide military grade encryption levels which make them perfect for watching movies or playing games with other people online without worrying about safety issues!

VPN service is also offering you minimum seeding time which is definitely something most people want.

So what’s stopping you from getting started?

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